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SOAR Frequently Asked Questions

Participation in the program is not a requirement of attending The NCLA and we do not want any of our families to feel obligated to contribute. We are hopeful that our parents agree we have a gap between our limited funding and our vision of a excellence. While our school has been very cost conscious and maintained a balanced budget, with reduced funding and no capital funding or support the SOAR Fund is necessary to meet the goals we have for our students. Since every child benefits from this investment, The SOAR Fund was established with a goal that 100% of our parents participate at a level they were comfortable with donating. Our vision is to have SOAR serve as the primary fundraiser for our school allowing us to more effectively utilize the funds generated, allow for employer matching funds, provide donors with a tax deductible option, raise the majority of our funds earlier in the year and eliminate direct sale fundraisers at our school (no cookie dough and gift wrap!). We strongly believe this large and focused initiative will be more beneficial to our students and help eliminate the volume of fundraisers needed to achieve the same goal. This is our greatest means to building our future.

The leadership team at The NCLA reviewed, discussed and researched several options for this year’s campaign. The goals listed were identified as the most critical to our long term success at this time. Each not only directly impacts each student, but provides us with a long term return and in many cases savings that will pay for itself in the future. With no capital funding, a larger portion of our operating costs are allocated to facility expenditures. This lack of funding delays are ability to provide the opportunities, faculty and campus facilities we believe our students deserve and need. While facilities is a focus for the next three years, each year SOAR will identify the most critical needs to helping us ensure our students have the best we can provide for their future success and growth. The fund will allocate 20% of the monies received to addressing those critical and immediate needs.

The NCLA does not have an expected amount from each family. We know everyone’s personal situation is different. We understand that some families will be unable to contribute a certain amount, while others can be more generous. It is vital for this program to succeed that 100% of our families give as much as they can and participate. There is no gift is too small or large when investing in our children’s education, when added together the difference is monumental. Please join us in this challenge to make our school a leader in our community, district and State.

As a an approved non-profit institution, all donations made to SOAR are tax deductible. The school will distribute tax receipts to any donor at the end of every quarter. If you need to receive your official tax letter earlier, please contact SOAR@thencla.org. In addition to a one time online donation to SOAR, donors have the ability to write a check, setup an automated monthly donation, and complete a matching gift to the school. Donors can be outside of the community and we encourage extended family members who may have supported direct sale fundraisers in the past to consider SOAR as an option.

Your support does make a difference! Let’s look at the numbers: If 200 families decided to set up a monthly deduction around $1 a day ($30 a month) until the end of school, we would raise $54,00 for our students. If 400 families decided to give that same amount, we would raise $108,000 for our students. That is the difference that will allow us to fund a new High School, purchase more advanced learning material and retain top talent. This is a very important and key way for you to make a long lasting difference to every student at The NCLA. Our current funding is simply not enough to provide our students the opportunities, academic advancements and facilities we expect. We cannot achieve our goals without you. Every milestone we have achieved so far has been due to the strength of our community coming together, working together. Please do not think your contribution will not make a difference.

Simply click on the GIVE button from the left navigation. Select your option. All information is confidential and tax donation receipts will be mailed by the school to all donors 2 times per year. If you are planning on donating a one- time gift at a later date, please fill out the pledge form. Please do not forget to check if your employer has a matching gift program for our non-profit organization. If you have a business that may be interested in being a community donor, please reach out to soar@thencla.org. We have several programs in place to recognize leaders in our community who support our mission.