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NCLA Falconry Online Payments

A convenience fee will be applied to all persons paying through the PayPal account. This fee will cover the PayPal usage fee and will be 2.9% of the payment plus $0.30 per transaction and is included in the listed pricing.


Please fill out all forms and submit them to The NCLA front office along with copies of the drivers licenses of ALL authorized pick-up individuals. The registration fee of $41.46 is non-refundable.

Student Name
Grade Level

Full-Time Care Options:

The NCLA Falconry full-time offerings are prorated over the entire school calendar year so your monthly payment remains the same and does not fluctuate during months with holiday/break times off.

NCLA Falconry Full-Time Care Options 2021-2022
Student Name

Drop-In Care Options:

The NCLA Falconry offers Drop-In Care which is limited to 10 days or less per month. Should a student require care beyond the set 10 day limit for the month, full-time rates will apply starting on their 11th day.

Drop-in Care Price Per Day
Grade Level
Student Name
Drop-In Date

Late Pick-Up Fees:

NCLA Falconry Late Pick-Up Fee
Student Name
Late Pick-Up Date

Important Links

EZ Falconry Registration (Google Form for returning families only)