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The SOAR Campaign


The SOAR Campaign was created to address the reduced funding provided to The NCLA. Simply put, our current funding doesn’t provide the level of education we want to deliver. It is our primary fundraiser to bridge the gap, address critical needs and ensure we continue to provide our children an outstanding education. SOAR eliminates various direct sale campaigns, allow our PTO to focus on other parts of their vision like celebrate versus primarily fundraising, and have the majority of your tax deductible contributions go directly to the school versus only 10% - 30%.

We are embarking on a 3 -year SOAR campaign to help break ground on our new High School campus in 2020. We will also be allocating 20% of the funds raised each year back into immediate needs on campus

The NCLA has achieved amazing milestones in a short amount of time. Only by working together will be able to address the funding gaps each year and save the funding necessary to provide our students with a state of the art High School campus. Every student is impacted, so we are asking 100% of our families to stretch and give what you can to make a difference. Donating is easy and can be completed online on our school website under the GIVE tab. You can make a one-time tax-deductible donation or set up an amount to give each month by setting up a recurring payment through your financial institution.

Let’s have some fun!

We have two primary goals – 100% participation and raising $75,000. We will be displaying a banner with the names of all our early contributor families starting in December.

(Falcon Family) $100+ per year:

  • 2 dress down passes per child
  • Family listed on Banner in Gym

(Falcon Nest) $500+ per year:

  • 3 dress down passes per child
  • Family Name listed on gym banner
  • Family Name listed on separate gym banner

(Falcon Innovator) $1,000+ per year:

  • 4 dress down passes per child
  • Family Name on seperate banner
  • Family Name on separate gym banner
  • Specially designed t-shirt

Did you know?

Charter schools are public schools. They operate independently from school districts but are accountable to the State Board of Education. This means they must meet the same academic standards of local traditional public schools. Result: The NCLA is accountable to the same standards and testing as other public schools in North Carolina.

Did you know?

Charter schools do NOT receive local bond funds, no State funds for buildings and no funds from the NC Education Lottery. Result: The NCLA receives approximately 73% of the funding a neighboring school in our county is allocated. This is an estimated $370,000 shortfall for our school.

Did you know?

No capital funding is allocated to a charter school. Charter schools must use state funds to lease or make payments on a facility and that money must come out of the operating budget of the school. Result: The NCLA faces serious challenges balancing funding academic programs fully and supporting facilities and extracurricular activities.